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Forget managing spreadsheets and sourcing products, luxury corporate gifting company Gift Lagbay™ is changing the way businesses engage.

About Us

We'll assist you achieve your company goals and grasp the full potential of your concept.

We know exactly what we're making and selling.

We make certain that our consumers understand their products' function. We recognize the most often asked questions by our clients and how to respond in a way that satisfies them.

We get started on our service as quickly as feasible. We value our clients, and we believe that providing prompt service increases trust and loyalty.

We have excellent dedicated experts for you to assure fast delivery of our services. Although customer service is not a competition, it does require pace.

We're affordable, and our services are simple to use, with flexibility, adaptability, and expandability.

  • We ensure that the products we develop meet changing user and market demands.
  • Our team will assist you in creating a realistic, flawless, and efficient product to help you bring your brand to existence.
  • We aim for a tightly defined set of criteria and we design the product in a way that fulfills its desired outcome.

If you choose us, you will never feel left out. We can help you understand all of the steps, be a part of each one, and increase your chances of success. As a result, you will never be perplexed while dealing with us.

Happy Clients with the highest level of satisfaction.

Projects with top notch quality.

Hours Of Support with the greatest dedication.


We're working hard to make this trade a better place.

You Pay, We Pack, They Pick.

Just fund the gift items, enter the recipient’s address and surprise them.

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Instant Quotation

With just a few clicks, you can easily obtain your quotation.

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Competitive Price

We are not the "cheapest" in town, but we offer competitive prices on the products we supply.

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Scale orders in seconds

Taking care of a team of 50? Hosting a 10,000 person expo? No problem.

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Top Notch Printing Quality

We will first QC the product before beginning printing. Each logo printing will include 3-5 layers to ensure that the logo is solid.

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1 On 1 Replacement

If you discover any faulty products, we will provide you with a one-on-one replacement ( terms & condition apply ).

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Whatsapp Support

You can communicate with our salesperson on the spot via Whatsapp or Live Chat.

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Not a coin wasted

If you work with us, you will realize that we do not waste your single coin.

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Free Delivery

We Provide FREE Delivery within Dhaka.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions about our products and services.

Corporate gifts and awards are used to reward, thank, or recognize clients and employees that companies value. They typically reflect a company's brand values and echo the level at which the company operates. Marketing departments typically commission them, and they are budgeted for as part of a marketing strategy.

Everyone wants to feel unique, valued, and appreciated. And in business, it's not always enough to simply do the job for which you've been paid. It is critical to distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain an advantage over them. Carefully chosen gifts not only make your customers feel valued, but they can also represent your company's brand values and serve as a permanent reminder of the work you did for your client. This means that when they need to commission your specific service, you will be on their mind.

And, if your company is working with a remote team, corporate gifts can help you reconnect, boost morale, and encourage staff retention and loyalty. The right corporate gift can connect with people emotionally and brighten their day, and we all need a boost now more than ever.

This is an excellent question, and my advice is that the ideal corporate gift is given at the conclusion of a contract or project. I would also recommend that if you are looking to attract new clients or reconnect with existing ones, give a corporate gift in January. January is well-known for being one of the most difficult months of the year. All of the festivities are over, it can be a long and cold month to get through, and you may be dreading the coming year and making plans for your health and well-being.Your competitors will be sending their gifts throughout the holiday season in December, and you will stand out if you send it in January.

It's also worth considering when your customers have a major event coming up, a company milestone anniversary, or a tax year end date by which they must spend their budget. These are the times of year when they may consider investing in your services. And a timely corporate gift may be just what they need to remember that you are available.

Corporate gifts are great for your clients, but awards can also be used to recognize employees for exceptional achievements and to thank and motivate employees to remain loyal and hardworking team members.

Mehbob Z. Khan (CEO of Gift Lagbay™) will personally design your corporate gifts. Mehbob comes from a background in creative commissioning, so he will use his years of experience in the creative world to create a design that is completely unique to your company. Simply looking at the products he has created will give you an idea of his style and versatility. You will have a one-on-one consultation with him to discuss your specific requirements for your bespoke designs.

It is important to us that the gifts we create are something that the recipient would use or buy anyway, and that your logo is not the focal point of the gift. Telling a story about your company or organization through the gift is another way for us to create something that truly speaks to your clients and ensures that they remember your company for all of the right reasons.

We have over 1000 products in various categories, with promotional products starting at BDT 25 and high-end gourmet gift sets, electronics, and furniture ranging from BDT 20-25K.

The minimum order quantity varies by product. It starts at 50 pieces for ready-made products and can go up to 500-1000 pieces for fully custom-made products.

Step 1: We schedule a conversation to discuss your needs and see if we can assist you.

Step 2: Mehbob Z. Khan (CEO of Gift Lagbay™) or Tamim (Corporate Sales Executive) will arrange a face-to-face meeting, video conference, or phone call (depending on location) to further explore working together.

Step 3: We deliver a proposal, examples of past work, a project plan and deliverables, including costs.

Step 4: You decide if you want to go ahead.

Step 5: We draw up the contracts which are signed by both parties.

Step 6: Hold a project launch meeting.